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Bob The Builder - Bobs White Christmas (2001) Movie Free Download


Santa Bob is dreaming of a white Christmas, but along with the snow and ice comes an avalanche of problems! In his first-ever ho-ho-ho-holiday show, Bob celebrates by trimming the tree, delivering Christmas presents, and enjoying a snowball fight. But when the Big Freeze hits, Bob and Scoop must snowplow a path to a snowbound Farmer Pickles. Then, Spud is one scared scarecrow when he discovers a mysterious Snow Monster. (Don't worry - it's only a snow-covered Dizzy!) Finally, Bob and his friends demonstrate the true spirit of the season when they rescue some hungry ducks and homeless porcupines. Along the way, Bob and his crew learn that sometimes the best gift is a helping hand from a friend! In addition to the three holiday shows, Santa Bob delivers a special gift - TWO bonus episodes from Bob the Builder's hit Nick Jr. TV Series! Approx. Run Time: 45 minutes ...

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